I'm not a perfect girl...

I'm not a perfect girl...

Every month I have a pimple on my chin or at the right sight of my upper lip. My hair doesn't always stays in place and I have more bad-hair-days then perfect-hair-days. I can be pretty clumsy too. Sometimes I have a broken heart because most of the time, I fall in love with the wrong guy.
I hate it to see my weight on the scale (that's why I don't have one) and I can't trow anything away. On a lazy day I can spend the whole day in my slumber suit with the remote control (and some comfy food) as my best friend.

There are those days that nothing goes okay, but when I think about it...   I remember how amazing life is. And that beauty not only goes about your looks or about your perfect days. Beauty comes from the inside, from your heart!

So, I know for sure that I like being me (and not being perfect at all...)

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  1. Perfect is ook gewoon zó saai! Niets mis met een beetje geklungel ;) Herkenbaar!


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