We ♥ Blazers

The reason why we need to have more than one blazer is very simple…
First of all, we need a blazer for work or work related events/meetings etc. Like the first blazer. Classy and Black (or dark blue if black isn’t your color)

Second of all, we have to have a blazer for the casual occasions. When we’re going to spend time with our family. Going to a party or we can even wear it to a date.

Even better, we also have to have a boyfriend blazer. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you when or how we wear it. (Shopping and wearing a boyfriend blazer with shorts, flip-flops and a stripes t-shirt. The classy look.)

They make us look independent, feminine and sexy. Like we can rule the world!

When you’re going for some blazer shopping, make sure you’re pick one who fits you. Choose one which suits your body and figure. Make sure that the button is in the right place (in the waist) Be a critical to yourself!

The reason why we should have more then 1...

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